Return to the Land of Your Soul

Soul Collage I am the one returning to the land of my soul

“Returning, Reborn Again” soul collage by Tamera


Return again, return again,
Return to the land of your soul.
Return to what you are.
Return to who you are.
Return to where you are born and reborn again.

Rafael-Simkha Kahn

As you are reading this paragraph, you are already on the journey returning to the land of your soul. It is an ongoing journey of becoming more who we were born to be, laying down the burdens and taking off masks that have never really been ours to wear and carry. Along the way, we increasingly discover our life purpose and relate to others more lovingly out of our authentic self. The more at home we are within our self, living in the land of our soul, the more peace, meaning, joy and love we experience in our lives. Whether you have been a seeker on this inner path for many years, or have just woken up and realized you don’t really know who you are anymore, by being here, now, you have taken a step toward your true home found in the vast richness and bright wilderness of your own inner landscape.

on the inner pathIn 2019, I will be offering workshops and classes to aid you in discovering, mapping and exploring who you are, enabling you to tap into your own inner wisdom and empowering you to take the next steps with courage and joy along the path home to the land of your soul.

Looking forward to the journey.
In healing,

Life Journey Guidance
As a Life Journey Guide Tamera is a traveling companion on your journey from the everyday world of conscious understanding and the busyness of life on a pilgrimage to your inner world of unexplored or forgotten inner resources and wisdom, canyons of deeper awareness and understanding, life-giving rivers of healing and connection, and expansive vistas of inner beauty and possibility. . . . (more)

Dream Work
Our dreams are a primary way our evolutionary consciousness provides for us to access our own inner wisdom, that of the collective unconscious, and in many spiritual traditions, a means of guidance from the Divine. Dreams are given to us in the service of our healing and wholeness, and at times for the healing of our communities and society. Yet, dreams remain a mystery to most of us, an entertaining diversion or source of troubling images and emotions. When understood . . . (more)

Visual Journaling: Using Imagery to Go Deeper than Words
In this experiential class, participants will learn Visual Journaling techniques to move beyond thought and words into feelings and intuitive knowledge of the self, helping participants understand what is really going on and controlling their lives. (more)