Dream Work

“A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that has not been opened.” The Talmud

dream woman webOur dreams are a primary way our evolutionary consciousness provides for us to access our own inner wisdom, that of the collective unconscious, and in many spiritual traditions, a means of guidance from the Divine. Dreams are given to us in the service of our healing and wholeness, and at times for the healing of our communities and society. Yet, dreams remain a mystery to most of us, an entertaining diversion or source of troubling images and emotions. When understood through the symbolic language of the subconscious, they can become meaningful, mystical signposts, a mirror of truth, giving us guidance from our deepest Self.

In the introductory class on dream work, we will explore how our sleeping and waking dreams can enlighten and guide our life journey toward healing and wholeness. We will look at both theory, and practical “How-to’s” for remembering, interpreting and applying dream wisdom to our lives.

No Dream Work Classes or Groups are currently scheduled.

Please contact Tamera if you are interested in meeting with her to do individual dream work or hosting a class or dream work group