Life Journey Guidance

What is Life Journey Guidance?

Life Journey Guidance is individual personal growth and inner healing work incorporating practices and tools from Spiritual Direction/Companioning, Spiritual Life Coaching, 3 Keys Personality Type and Healing work and much more!  You and Tamera design your Life Journey Guidance work based on your unique needs. Sessions can last from 30 min. to 2 hrs, to multi-day intensives and/or can happen on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

You might benefit from Life Journey Guidance if . . .

. . . you are searching for a more meaningful life.

. . . you are tired of feeling you are not good enough.

. . . you are in a rut of repeated patterns of feelings and behavior not of your choosing.

. . . you feel stuck or blocked from living into the vision of the life you want to live.

. . . you are in a time of transition.

. . . you are struggling with a significant relationship.

. . . you are tired of feelings of shame for aspects of yourself you don’t like.

. . . you wish to develop wider understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

. . . you want to continue on a path of authentic living, expanding awareness and gentle loving-kindness for all beings beginning with yourself!


As a Life Journey Guide . . .

. . . Tamera is a traveling companion on your journey from the everyday world of conscious understanding and the busyness of life on a pilgrimage to your inner world of unexplored or forgotten inner resources and wisdom, canyons of deeper awareness and understanding, life-giving rivers of healing and connection, and expansive vistas of inner beauty and possibility.

. . . Tamera carries a backpack full of tools for discovery and discernment, empowering you to choose a life path aligned with your values, gifts and strengths.

. . . Tamera offers guidance and tools for learning from, overcoming or incorporating the obstacles seeming to block your chosen path.

. . . Tamera carries a backpack full of tools for discovery and discernment

. . . Tamera carries a backpack full of tools for discovery and discernment

. . . Tamera assists you in incorporating the inner journey experiences into your outer world in the ever-expanding spiral journey of living more and more from your authentic nature.

. . . Tamera is well aware she has not traveled your unique inner landscape and so honors and empowers your inner knowing; you are the one in charge of your journey!

. . . Tamera offers safe presence as a traveling companion and incorporates tools and processes from many modalities as indicated by your unique needs. Some of the modalities she is certified in, has trained in or worked with in her own life journey include Spiritual Direction/Companioning, the 3 Keys Model of Personality Typing  and Healing using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and the Enneagram, Guided Imagery, Dream Work, Forest Bathing and Earth-cycle spirituality, mindfulness and self-compassion, insights and practices based on recent discoveries of neuroscience and evolutionary brain psychology, and Spiritual Life Coaching processes for setting goals, discerning next steps and taking actions.

. . . Tamera has learned wisdom from her own evolving life journey toward healing, wholeness and authentic living. She has dedicated her life to learning many skills and processes to assist others in this common journey experience. She has traveled alongside many pilgrims learning from those she travels alongside even as she guides them in discovering and implementing an authentic inner way of journeying. As Life Journey Guidance is not therapy, and certain situations along the path may require skills beyond the scope of this process, when indicated, Tamera is happy to connect you with other teachers, therapists and resources to more fully aid you in your journey.