Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling: Using Imagery to Go Deeper than Words
An introductory class—(No artistic ability needed!)

visual journaling

Learn to move beyond thought and words into feelings and intuitive knowledge, using art to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Heal Stress-producing Emotions
  • Overcome Fear
  • Resolve Inner Conflict
  • Access Your Soul’s Wisdom


“Within all of us is a silent language that reveals the truth of our thoughts and emotions far more fluently than words. That language is imagery.” –Barbara Ganim

In this experiential class, participants will learn Visual Journaling techniques to move beyond thought and words into feelings and intuitive knowledge of the self, helping participants understand what is really going on and controlling their lives. Meditative, creative practices such as Visual Journaling have been proven to reduce stress and improve health.Visual Journaling I want to know how I feel

The class will teach the 4 basic steps of Visual Journaling. Later classes will then move on to such topics as Visual Journaling exercises for healing stress-producing emotions, accessing and understanding our real needs, overcoming fear and anxiety, resolving inner conflict and knowing one’s Soul Purpose. The classes are designed to be relaxing and fun, a mini vacation from the demands, distractions and stressors of life that disconnect us from our True Selves. No artistic ability or experience is needed!

Visual Journaling Classes Sessions 1-6
Session One: Four Basic Steps of Visual Journaling
Session Two: Healing Your Stress-Producing Emotion
Session Three: Releasing and Healing Old Emotional Wounds
Session Four: Overcoming Fears
Session Five: Resolving Inner Conflict through Soul Wisdom
Session Six: Working with Your Soul Purpose
Optional Session: Conversing with your Images

Visual Journaling Class Schedule
No Visual Journaling classes are scheduled at this time. Please contact Tamera if you are interested in hosting a Visual Journaling class series or working the Visual Journaling process through individual Spiritual Companion sessions.

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